Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A short take on climate change.

As I sit here on March 26th in my warm living room with the temperature outside hovering around 21 degrees Fahrenheit and the threat of several inches of snow bearing down on the great state of Maine, I'm left to warming real or myth? Do I trust the people who tell us everyday that we are effecting our climate and we need to buy their products to help prevent a cataclismic change to our world, or do I follow my own instincts that have proven over time that man's arrogance has no boundaries? On one hand I'm like "We haven't seen a winter like this in years!" on the other hand, "This is Maine, I remember snowmobiling in April!" I'm more apt to rely on my instinct.

Looking at it from a purely scientific stand point is near impossible because it's been proven that the science behind climate change has been tampered with. For years the data that was spoon fed to the media which in turn glamorized it for us, was hand picked to support their thesis. Wild swings of the environmental historical record were omitted from their carefully crafted timelines and graphs to create non existent trends. These 'climate scientists' have been exposed fabricating supporting data and still they push the agenda. (See the details here.)

They push 1 or 2 degree temperature changes over time, but no one (except this study) has done a credible study on the effect of pavement on global warming. Sitting here in my warm living room realizing that my baseboard heating elements, a relatively small surface area that is heating my entire house, is much like the pavement that runs around the world. Wouldn't this create a corresponding 1 or 2 degree fluctuation? Why hasn't a credible study been done about that? The only thing I could dredge up was studies on how the use of the natural resources effect climate change. This short-sighted, ideal driven type of inquiry leads me to believe these people are daft.

So, I like to think I'm a deep thinker. So I got to thinking, what if? What if our goings on as humans was creating a change in our environment. I don't buy into the greenhouse effect, after delving into the science I'm pretty sure if it wasn't FOR the greenhouse effect our species wouldn't even be here. It's a self perpetuating cycle. It's what heats and cools our world. All of the gases in the air come, in abundance, from natural sources, not only us. Believe it or not it's a pretty good balance. This is what they don't want you to know. Anyone been to Detroit lately? Do you realize that 50 years ago the smog in Detroit rivaled that of some industrial areas in China, now it's relatively clean living. The population has shrunk and manufacturing dried up. The Earth heals itself. 

These are the lies they want us to hang on to. They powers that be rely on our fears to herd us in directions they see fit. Climate change is just another one of those fears they use to prey on us. Aside from population change, I've seen little to support the data they put forth.

That's my two cents, spend 'em or put 'em in the dish for the next person. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Finding Balance

This is probably going to be a bit long, for those who subscribe to an end all be all government please avert your eyes. With that said, this is a rough draft of what we as a nation, We The People, can do to fix the current state of our country. It's not perfect the, Constitution of the United States isn't perfect, but it was a damn good rough draft that got us this far. Here's my solution:

An Act To Balance The Power Of Government

We the people of the United States have come to the realization that our elected officials, charged with being stewards of our defense, and general welfare, have twisted the system to suit their own agenda. A system of laws that no one man can understand, a system of taxation that is rife with inequalities, a judiciary with lifetime appointments of men and woman who judge with an slant towards personal ideals rather than law and elected officials that vote in laws that they do not have to adhere to. We will therefore need to make some changes to balance the power and return it back to the people where it belongs.  

  1. Revue all laws and regulations so that they can be understood by the general public and therefore easily adhered to. Make all laws, rules and regulation equally applicable to all citizens, elected officials, visitors and political guests to the United States and United States Territories. State law will trump federal law. 
  2. Replace our tax system with a easily applied flat tax not to exceed seventeen percent (17%). At this writing with current GDP numbers at or about $15.68 Trillion dollars, 17% would translate to $2.6656 Trillion dollars. This tax applies to all goods, services and corporate income.
  3. Require a balanced budget. While it is understandable that number 2 would prevent us from paying off our debt with a balanced budget, require that 20% of all tax revenues be applied to the debt, with the first payments used to pay back the Social Security system and Medicare until it is paid up. From that point on Social Security and Medicare monies collected shall be separate and UNTOUCHABLE and can not be borrowed from by any other government programs. The budget shall then be considered balanced with no less than 5% annually set aside as a 'rainy day' fund. If said fund exceeds 30% of yearly budget, then that money shall be returned to the people in the form of a TAX REDUCTION to overall tax base rate.  Any future monies collected for Social Security and Medicare CAN NOT BE APPLIED TO ANY CURRENT BUDGET.
  4. No lifetime appointments to any public office. All elected and appointed offices shall be held no longer than 2 (two) terms and shall not exceed 10 (ten) years. 
  5. Any elected or appointed official found to have committed a crime this included inproprieties that may arise from holding public office such as, but not limited to, voting on laws and rules that directly benefit the elected official, voting on laws that benefit directly family of the elected official, voting on laws that indirectly benefit the elected official (ie:investments), while in office shall be immediately removed from office and forfeits any and all future benefits from his/her government for self and immediate family.  This includes, but is not limited to, retirement, insurances and government assistance federal,state and local.
  6. No elected official shall be paid more than the median wage of his/her home district. Stipends for travel and lodging will be exclude but be subject to scrutiny by his/her home district, if found to be excessive by a panel of 12(twelve) citizen picked at random (not unlike jury duty) bimonthly, said elected official will be required to cover the discrepancy. 
  7. Elected officials shall be subject to normal rules of retirement that all government employees are subject to. No longer shall they be given full retirement after such a short tenure.
  8. Public assistance can not exceed 50% of the budget. Priority will be given to the elderly and children.
  9. Immediately disband any and all entities of the United States Government that is/has collected information on any citizens of the United States and its territories in all forms without consent or court order. All information garnered from these unconstitutional activities shall be destroyed immediately.
While none of this is a magic pill, it would turn us back in to the republic that our forefathers envisioned. A republic that is for the people, by the people. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Some of my readers may cry foul and say that the rich should pay more, that income inequality needs to be corrected. I'll be the first to ask, isn't our taxation system a model of inequality? Rob from the rich and give to the poor? What is the cost of our current system that takes from the productive to give to the unproductive? All money taken from the productive is ultimately added to the cost of goods and services purchased by the unproductive, so are we not just supporting an endless cycle?

Anyone that has a better idea feel free to make changes!

That's my two cents, spend 'em or put 'em in the dish for the next person.